LSDA, Exit Devices,Heavy Duty, PD9200 Series(Mechanical)

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The PD9200 Series are heavy-duty exit devices for the most demanding doors. Available as Rim Panic-Rated (PD9200R), Surface Vertical Rod Panic-Rated (PD9200V), Rim Fire-Rated (PD9200R), and Surface Rod Fire-Rated (PD9200V). These devices are recommended for use on exterior and interior out-swinging doors. Typical applications include Hospitals, Offices Spaces, Schools, Industrial Sites, Government Buildings, and Places of Assembly.

Standard Features

  • Certification
-PDF9200: BHMA/ANSI A156.3 2008 Grade 1, UL listed for U.S. and Canada-PDF9200: BHMA/ANSI A156.3 2008 Grade 1, UL10C fire-rated exit hardware, UL305 and UBC7-2
  • Latch: Rim (Deadlocking latch, stainless steel 3/4" throw); Vertical Rod (Top Latch is Stainless Steel 5/8" throw, deadlocking pullman type and Bottom latch is panic-rated Stainless steel 5/8" throw, deadlocking pullman type . Fire-Rated version had round slide bolt). Easy latch adjustments for vertical rods.
  • Sizes: 36" (33" actual length; can be cut back to 27" from head cover to end cap) or 48" (45" actual length; can be cut back to 33" from head cover to end cap)
  • Handing: Non-Handed
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, Extruded Aluminum
  • Strike: For Rim, surface applied (double door strike available); For Vertical Rod Strikes, surface applied top, mortise required for bottom strike
  • Door Types: Commercial wood and hollow metal
  • Door Prep: Surface application, plus trim prep; Door height for Vertical Rod is standard 7'0" with optional top rod set for 8'0" and extensions available for up to 10'0". Top and bottom rods have vertical adjustors in the center case.
  • Dogging: Standard dogging by key provided or 5/32 hex wrench; Cylinder dogging optional available; Fire-Rated Devices cannot be dogged per the Fire Code.
  • Door Thickness: 1,3/4" - 2,1/4"
  • Stile width: Minimum 2,7/8"
  • Projection: 3,13/16"
  • Keying: Outside trims use conventional mortise or rim cylinders

Parts & Accessories

  • PDT22RV: Exit Trim, Nightlatch Function, Pull Plate, uses Rim Cylinders; UL Listed for Fire Doors; Size : 14.25" x 3"
  • PDT23RV: Exit Trim, Thumb Piece, uses Rim Cylinder for Classroom Function; UL Listed for Fire Doors; Size: 14.25" x 3"
  • PDT26RV: Exit Trim, Lever Escutcheon, uses Mortise Cylinder for Classroom Function, Break-away cam; size: 11" x 2.75"
  • PDT27RV: Exit Trim, Lever Night Latch; Size: 11" x 2.75"
  • PDSVT EXT: Exit Device Service Kit for 10' Door
  • PDCDKIT36: Exit Device Cylinder Dogging Kit; 1,1/4" Mortise
  • PDSVTR8: Exit Device Service Kit for 8' Door
  • PDCAM: Breakable Cam, for lever trims, Replacement
  • PD DDS: Double Door Strike
  • PDDOG: Dogging Assembly, Replacement
  • PD92V LATCH: Set of Top and Bottom Latches, Replacement


  • 613/US10B: Oil rubbed Bronze
  • 630/US32D: Satin Stainless Steel