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ilco Semi-Automatic Key Machine KD50C

  • $2,711.00

KD50C Semi-Automatic (Lever) Operation

A superbly crafted machine, the lever operated KD50C provides remarkable speed and accuracy.

Cuts single sided keys in as little as 5 seconds! The vise jaws are engineered to securely grip even the most troublesome double-sided auto keys.

This model delivers unsurpassed accuracy and cutting performance. Loaded with features every user will appreciate.

  • Automatic power on-off controlled by micro-switch, activated by raising or lowering the carriage
  • Carriage tension spring provides optimum cutting pressure for consistent results and improved accuracy
  • Precise adjustments; two micrometer knobs adjust depth and spacing (distance between cutter guide and cobalt steel cutter)
  • Counter weighted key gauge automatically releases as the carriage is raised
  • Precision two-position, extra wide spaced vise jaws that securely clamp residential, padlock, double-sided automotive keys, including longer blade or larger head keys such as rubber head keys and hotel-motel keys
  • Built-in light illuminates carriage and vise jaw surfaces
  • Large diameter cobalt steel cutter; durable and long lasting
  • "Soft Touch" nylon key deburring brush