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“Houdini” 4 way Lock Lube

  • $21.80

The amazing cleaning lubricant used by locksmith professionals. Houdini contains no oil, grease, graphite, or silicon. This product is safe to use on and around electrical switches. Penetrates and protects the many small parts of locks, hinges, bearings, and most anything else you can imagine! This superior lock lubricant solves more problems for a longer time. Fast acting. Deep penetrating Frees locks in sub zero temperatures. Not petroleum based. Greaseless. No build up, no gum up. Cleans as it lubricates Dielectric; use on electronic locks. Prevents corrosion and rust, even in salt-air environments. Does not conduct electricity. Anti-friction, anti-wear, increases life of parts. Drives out moisture. Also for hinges, latches and switches.