6K entry function knob lock or doorknob made to accept I/C core cylinders

Best 6K Entry Function I/C Core Knob

  • $177.00

The 6K is a Grade 2 medium-duty cylindrical knob set.

Unlike other cylindrical knob sets that are made from weaker metals, the BEST 6K Series is constructed of steel or brass to ensure the overall strength and durability of the lock. The 6K is a commonly used lock for non-ADA compliant applications, such as government and military facilities (barrack doors, base housing, etc.) as well as countries that do not require ADA compliance, such as Latin America.

Quick rekeying by BEST interchangeable core.


• Snap-on inside rose (no exposed mounting screws).
• Threaded outside rose adjustable for door thickness.
• Keyed knob is removable only after removal of core.
• Internal steel mechanisms are corrosion treated for normal atmospheric conditions.
• Lockset reversible for either hand of door without removing keyed knob.
• Underwriters Laboratories®: 6K series – Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for use on
3 Hr, A label for single (4’ x 8’) doors.
• Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association: 6K series – Listed by BHMA for
A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2.