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Access Tools Super Combo Complete Set

  • $425.15

The Super Combo Complete Set is the most popular lockout set from Access Tools. Using the included Car Opening Manual , all basic car opening procedures are outlined in detail to make lockouts quick and easy. All of the high quality in-the-door tools feature our unique Tool-ID system that aids in locating the correct tool for the job. This set of essential car opening tools, together with the accessories included, will get you into virtually any vehicle on the road today.


  • 1979-2017 Vehicles
  • Instructional dvd
  • Best selling complete set
  • Tool ID system
  • High quality in-the-door tools
  • Best selling accessories included
  • Heavy duty carrying case
Whether you're just compiling your first locksmith supply order or you've been a locksmith for years and you're just simply looking to upgrade to a kit that will open anything. This is the kit for you.