About us

We were thankful to have so many repeat customers. The level of trust is such a tremendous compliment. Originally started in October of 1999 we are very proud of who we do business with. It has always been the biggest compliment of our company to be referred and preferred.

A few of the tidbits about our company

  • We don't sell what gives us the greatest profit. We sell what we know the customer is going to benefit and for the longest amount of time "that will also yield you and ourselves the greatest return possible"
  • We can sell the cheapest product on the market that we know would force the buyer back into the market in a very quick fashion, but that's not how we operate.
  • We try our best to under promise and over deliver every single time we do business with anyone, no matter what race creed or color.
  • We started this online business when we realized that so many property managers, ,maintenance directors and engineers needed our products and needed a reliable source they can count on at any given point in time.

You can reach us at 1-866-597-5625 "Lock"