Adams Rite P8800 rim exit device

  • $455.00

Adams Rite Pullman Rim Exit Devices offer an exciting
new solution for narrow stile aluminium (P8800), applications
requiring an exit device with a Pullman latching solution.


  • Materials: Active push bar and back bar made of
    extruded aluminum, available in choice of finishes.
  • Handing: Device is non-handed.
  • Push bar Length: Standard sizes: dimensioned for 30",
    36" 42", and 48" openings. Standard width bars can
    be field cut to the next smallest opening width.
  • Door Thickness: Suitable for all door thickness. Can be used
    with trim on 1-3/4" standard, up to 2-1/4". When cylinders are
    required, select rim cylinder length based upon door thicknes
  • Stile Width: Minimum 2" stile. Fits narrow,
    medium, and wide stile aluminum doors.
  • Projection: 2-1/2" when fully projected, 1-3/4" when dogged.
  • Dogging: Standard dogging with 3/16" hex key.
  • Fasteners: Standard ’F' self-tapping screws.

Rivnuts are provided for the P8700 only.

  • Strike: Horizontally adjustable strike assembly body
    made of Zamak 5 with hardened steel roller. Standard
    strike assembly suitable for centering doors in 4"
    Strike plate adjusts 1/4" horizontally.
  • Cylinders: Select any standard 1-5/32" diameter rim cylinder
    such as the 8736 Rim Cylinder, Available separately.
  • Finishes: 313 Drk Bronze, 628 Clear Anodized