LSDA KP 5000L Grade 1 Push-Button Coded Lever Lock

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The KP5000L is an affordable heavy duty Grade 1 lever lock that can be operated by key or keypad. The rugged levers meet ADA requirements and have a clutch mechanism to reduce wear and tear
on the lock. The lock can be placed in "Passage Mode" if thereare times that everyone is permitted to enter. Lockout mode
can be used to exclude users at night, on weekends, or anytime you don't want them to enter. You can also program up to 5 single-use codes. These will unlock the door just once and cannot be re-used.
Certifications: Certified ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 cylindrical lock. UL Listed for 3 hour fire doors.
Latch: UL Listed Grade 1 latch. 2 3/4 " backset
latch provided, 2 3/8" can be substituted
Handing: Non-handed.
Materials: Lever and some exterior parts are
 zincd Internal parts are steel and brass.
Strike : 478" ANSI strike plate.
Door Prep : 218" bore, 1" hole from door edge.
Extra 1" hole for wiring and three 38" mounting holes.
Door Thickness 138 to 2"
Keying : Lock comes with a 6 pin cylinder in SC4 keyway or prepped for small format interchangeable core (SFIC). Conventional SC4 cylinder can be replaced with LSDA C500 and many other cylinders.
Batteries : 4 AA alkaline batteries required.
Time Interval : Relock time is adjustable from
1 to 9 seconds. (Default is 5 seconds.)
Environmental : Weather-resistant, operational
temperature ranging from -30F to 150F
at 85% relative humidity
Exterior: unlock with a key; unlock with
up to 100 unique user codes
Interior: Inside lever always retracts
the latch bolt for free egress