CompX Slam Cam Self Locking Cam Lock C7017

  • $14.20

Installation note: for c8051 and C8052, the washer must be installed between the cylinder and the self locking component to secure the lock plug properly. 

Description: SlamCAM, a spring loaded latch, along with the self-locking component, converts CompX National cam locks (C8051-C8075) into self-locking. 

SlamCAM — spring loaded latch Replacing steel cams with SlamCAM eliminates steel cams that crash into furniture or strikes while in the latched position. Bent cams can cause locks not to secure properly or secure at all. 

Self-locking  The self-locking feature uses spring tension to conveniently return the lock to the locked position. User turns the key to the open position and opens the door or drawer. Upon releasing the key, the self-locking component returns the lock along with SlamCAM to the locked position; user simply closes the door or drawer - no need to turn the lock back to the locked position. 


True Convenience - release the key, and the self-locking component automatically returns the lock, along with  SlamCAM, to the locked position. 

Retrofits CompX National cam locks C8051 and C8057. 

Helps eliminate security concerns; slam the door and it's locked. 

Mfg# C7017