CompX SL-100 Stealth Lock SL100

CompX SL-100 Stealth Lock SL100

  • $262.00

The first invisible, wireless cabinet locking system for wood cabinetry. 

Perfect for cabinets and lockers used in Closet, Kitchen, Education and Healthcare environments


The SL-100 StealthLock kit will lock a single  door or drawer and includes one receiver latch,  transmitter pad, strike plate and installation tool 


One transmitter pad can activate an unlimited number of receiver latches 

Transmitter pad operates within a 15 ft. range 


Uses readily available batteries; 4-AAA for the receiver latch and CR2032 coin battery for the transmitter pad 


Transmitter pad includes a low battery indicator 


Separate user and supervisor codes to operate the lock(s) 



User programmable with optional modes of  operation for single use or self-lock 

Mfg.# SL100